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Portable bioreactor from MIT produces medications, vaccines on-demand

Imagine a cross between one of those multi-color retractable pens and an epi-pen. But instead of colors, the device would have different medications. Now combine this with a tiny, droplet-sized sweatshop full of obedient single-celled organisms genetically engineered to produce those medications, and you’ve got what a team from MIT just published in Nature Communications: A new project, with funding from DARPA, that has demonstrated the ability to synthesize multiple medications on-demand and as-needed using yeast. The discovery could soon revolutionize our ability to deliver medicine after natural disasters or to ...

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Shonda Rhimes produces DNC video

Shonda Rhimes really does own Thursday nights. The creative force behind ABC’s block of hit Thursday night shows — and her producing partner Betsy Beers — put together a 12 minute film to introduce Hillary Clinton before her speech at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on Thursday. The film, entitled “Hillary,” is narrated by actor Morgan Freeman and “features interviews with President Bill Clinton, President Barack Obama, a 9/11 survivor and first responder, as well as Hillary Clinton’s childhood friend,” according to a press release from the convention. “It ...

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New data suggests Europa’s ice cover produces significant amounts of heat

Europa. Long imagined as one of the most promising places in the solar system where life might have arisen, our observations of the Jovian moon have been limited to a few flyby missions and long-range telescopes on Earth. New data modeling suggests that Europa may have even more energy to play with than we thought it did — and energy is critical for any life that might exist. We already know that Europa is covered in a thick ice crust and that there’s almost certainly a vast liquid ocean underneath ...

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