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Olney: Time is right for Yankees to get Sonny Gray

4:56 PM ET The Chicago Cubs are doing what they can to pursue another championship, including trading for Jose Quintana a couple of weeks ago. But they could never replicate the level of desperation that the organization operated with in the summer of 2016, amassed over 108 consecutive years they had failed to win the title. That urgency drove the Cubs’ front office into a transaction it probably wouldn’t consider under normal circumstances. On the day the Cubs traded high-end prospect Gleyber Torres to the Yankees for Aroldis Chapman, Chicago ...

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Olney: The stupidity of retaliation

1:57 PM ET Major League Baseball is in an era of enlightenment, in which organizations are filled with bright minds of men and women who won’t accept the status quo without examination. The phrase That’s the way it’s always been done is routinely ignored, thankfully, and more informed decisions are made about defensive positioning, pitch selection, bunts, platoons, trade value and about whether it’s worth sacrificing an All-Star catcher to the act of blocking home plate to prevent one run in one game in a 162-game landscape. But somehow, as ...

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