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His greatness a product of preparation and intensity

9:29 PM ET Before Game 1 of the World Series, I was talking to Dodgers second baseman Chase Utley about playing behind Clayton Kershaw. Utley said only one pitcher could match Kershaw in intensity and preparation: Roy Halladay, his former teammate with the Phillies. “He’s even better than I expected,” Utley said of Kershaw. “You see all the work he does between starts, and you really appreciate that. He definitely reminds me of Roy. Roy worked his butt off between starts, and that’s one reason both had so much success.” ...

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Kerr calls All-Star Game intensity level 'a joke,' Warriors debate solutions

8:33 PM ET NEW YORK — The annual NBA All-Star Game has become a noncompetitive, 48-minute exhibition in which defense isn’t played. There is very little resistance on both ends of the floor, and Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr told ESPN that it’s up to the players to fix that. “I think we could talk about gimmicks and talk about anything we want, whether it’s the money or involves charity, it just comes down to the players taking it seriously,” Kerr said. “I don’t think they have to be ...

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