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Uber Drivers Earn About the Same, Fare Hikes or Fare Cuts

This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. Uber raises fares so drivers can earn more money per trip. Sometimes Uber cuts fares to attract more riders. Uber offers bonuses to drivers for being active throughout the week. But: It turns out that no matter what Uber does to make things better for drivers, they tend to earn about the same other than bonuses. That’s the conclusion of a recent study conducted by Uber and a New York University professor. Regardless of the ...

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Lyft says round up your fare and donate to charity

Lyft president optimistic on company’s future Lyft thinks it has found another way to differentiate itself from its rival Uber. The ride-sharing company announced Sunday morning that it will soon allow passengers to round up their fares to the nearest dollar, and give the difference to charity. Round Up & Donate will launch in the coming weeks, most likely with a single organization that can receive donations, Lyft executives said. The company expects to gradually expand the program and highlight local community organizations. Lyft is the smaller of the two ...

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How will cars, car tech, and clean air fare under the Trump presidency?

Donald Trump’s election as president has wide-ranging implications for the auto and tech industries — just as it has for, say, the military, higher education, coastal cities subject to flooding, pregnant women, minorities, blue collar workers, and Wall Street. Automakers are nervous as the president-designate blasted US-headquartered companies for building factories in Mexico, while auto buyers are concerned about keeping the cost of cars as low as possible. There’s interest in how much the new administration supports self-driving cars, and whether fuel economy limits and clean air initiatives will continue ...

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