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Best Buy no longer eclipsed by Amazon

These retailers filed for bankruptcy this year Amazon’s stock has surged nearly 30% in the past year. If you think that’s impressive (it is), consider this: Best Buy, a company many investors assumed was in big trouble because of the threat from Amazon, is up 55%. The brick and mortar retailer’s remarkable success is all the more impressive because it sells many of the same things you can buy on Amazon. Some retailers appear Amazon-proof. Home Depot comes to mind. You’re probably a lot more likely to go to Home ...

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The best top-to-bottom NFL roster $165,281,503 can buy

Past versions of this column featured a multitude of stars on rookie contracts, but this year’s team will have a few new rules to up the difficulty and build a more realistic team. 1. Team restraints. We’ll need to find at least one player — but no more than three players — from each of the 32 NFL teams. 2. A limit on rookie deals. Last year’s playoff teams had an average of five players from the 2014 draft, six from the 2015 draft and nine from the 2016 draft. ...

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Dwight Howard finds the best place for one more chance

11:39 AM ET Adrian WojnarowskiESPN ATLANTA — For two hours, Dwight Howard had gone hard inside Georgia Tech’s basketball facility, moving between the weight room and gymnasium, between conditioning and basketball. No tomfoolery, no high jinks. When Howard does the work, he’s ferocious in his approach, meticulous in methodology. During this summer, Howard has lost a little weight, and lot of anger. He has been humbled, unloaded out of his Atlanta homecoming only to now be re-engaged in possibility with Charlotte. Steve Clifford had driven 3½ hours to watch him ...

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A bot just defeated one of the world's best video gamers

Elon Musk: We should regulate AI to keep public safe An artificial intelligence program just annihilated its human competition at a world championship video game contest. The AI win stunned the gaming community, because bots are generally considered inferior to expert human players. This one from Open AI — a nonprofit artificial intelligence research firm known mainly for its backing by serial entrepreneur Elon Musk, of Tesla(TSLA) and SpaceX fame — is a different story, and possibly a cautionary one. Open AI says its mission is to promote “responsible” AI ...

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Best Buy's Geek Squad to eliminate 399 positions

Best Buy stock may actually be a best buy Best Buy’s Geek Squad is about to undergo some changes. The company said on Friday that it is eliminating 399 positions from the Geek Squad, which performs in-home product installations and repairs customer’s appliances and electronics, across the country. The decision impacts members of the Covert team, who work remotely, and will take place in September. Jeff Shelman, Senior Director of External Communications for Best Buy(BBY), said “we decided to adjust where some of our agents work from, moving a percentage ...

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Barnwell: NFL's best (and worst) arsenals

7:28 AM ET The NFL is a quarterback’s league, but a set of weapons can be the difference between a quarterback taking a leap forward or looking ordinary. Think about Tom Brady breaking out between 2006 and 2007 once the Patriots added Randy Moss and Wes Welker. Remember what Andy Dalton looked like in 2015 with A.J. Green, Tyler Eifert, Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu in the lineup, and what happened with all of those guys missing at times last season. More people play on ESPN than anywhere else. Join ...

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Who would say no? Dealing for the best aces at the deadline

8:00 AM ET It seems that every playoff contender wants pitching help as the trade deadline approaches. Pitching has been bad this season. Across the majors, teams are scoring 4.67 runs per game, six-tenths of a run more per game than in 2014 and the highest mark since 2007. A few years ago, everyone wanted hitting; now, everyone wants pitching. The three best starting pitchers in trade rumors are Yu Darvish, Justin Verlander and Sonny Gray. Those are pretty seductive names, three pitchers who have the talent to make a ...

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The Best Marvel Cosplay From Comic-Con 2017

San Diego Comic-Con has expanded to be much more than a comics-focused event, but that doesn’t mean comics don’t still have a strong presence. That’s also true of the show’s cosplay scene–there was no shortage of cosplayers dressed as various characters from the Marvel universe, from the X-Men to Iron Man and beyond. In the gallery above, you’ll find a collection of photos showing some of the best Marvel cosplay from this year’s show. We also have galleries featuring everything from the first-ever Doomfist cosplay based on Overwatch‘s upcoming character ...

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20 Best Tips to Stay Anonymous and Protect Your Online Privacy


Private conversations should never be subjected to mass surveillance, but we now know that governments around the world (and in our back yards) simply don

Signal enables encrypted chat and phone calls with a system that helps verify the identity of your contacts. Folks like Edward Snowden and the EFF recommend using Signal to avoid surveillance, and the ease of use on iOS and Android makes friends and family much more likely to convert.” alt=”Signal” class=”slider-252292 slide-252293″ /> GnuPG (or equivalent tools), you can easily prevent simple snooping. Of course, it’s always possible for vulnerabilities to emerge, but imperfect protection is always better than no protection at all.” alt=”GnuPG” class=”slider-252292 slide-252345″ /> customized fork of ...

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