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New Solar Panel Design Could Charge Your Phone With Ambient Light

This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. Battery technology is still advancing at a sluggish rate in spite of intense research. The amount of energy you can carry around continues to limit what our mobile devices can do, and current methods of charging can only take us so far. A French solar power startup with the counterintuitive name of Dracula Technologies says it has developed a new type of solar panel that could be integrated into almost any device thanks to its ...

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Apple says iPhone 6s battery failures are caused by ‘ambient air’ exposure

Regardless of whether or not you like the iPhone, you have to admit Apple’s hardware has always been impeccably well designed. Its phones feel extremely high-quality, but the last few years have been marred by several high-profile hardware defects. First was “touch disease,” which Apple refused to acknowledge for ages, and now there’s the unexpected shutdown issue. The company has started a recall program for the shutdown problem, and it has a vague explanation of the cause: The affected batteries were exposed to air. Reports of battery issues with the ...

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