Source: Cubs to DFA catcher Montero

WASHINGTON — The Chicago Cubs will designate catcher Miguel Montero for assignment, according to a source familiar with the situation, one day after he publicly called out starter Jake Arrieta for seven stolen bases by the Washington Nationals in a 6-1 loss Tuesday night.

“That’s the reason they were running left and right today because they were slow to the plate,” Montero said of his pitchers, including Arrieta, after the game. “Simple as that. It’s a shame it’s my fault because I didn’t throw anyone out.

“It really sucked because the stolen bases go on me, but when you really look at it the pitcher doesn’t give me any time, so yeah, ‘Miggy can’t throw anyone out,’ but my pitchers don’t hold anyone on.”

In an appearance on ESPN 1000 Chicago on Wednesday afternoon, Montero said he took responsibility for his comments and apologized to Arrieta.

“I called Jake to apologize,” Montero said. “It was the heat of the moment. He’s grinding out there, I’m grinding behind the plate. It’s tough. It’s the heat of the moment. I said what I said — yes, I’m responsible. I talked to him to apologize because I feel like I should step up and apologize and I did.”

Montero added: “Jake was totally fine [with the apology]. He actually agreed with me. We’re cool. He was totally cool.”

Before his radio appearance, Montero tweeted his reaction to leaving Chicago.

It’s not the first time Montero, 33, has spoken out. On the day of the Cubs’ parade to celebrate their World Series championship last season, he was critical of how manager Joe Maddon used him throughout the year while also questioning communication between the two. A spring training dinner cleared the air, but apparently Tuesday was the last straw. After hearing his comments Tuesday, teammate Anthony Rizzo fired back at Montero.

“We win as a team we lose as a team,” Rizzo said during his weekly appearance on ESPN 1000 Chicago. “If you start pointing fingers that just labels you as a selfish player. I disagree. We have another catcher [Willson Contreras] who throws out everyone who steals, and he [catches for] Jon Lester who doesn’t pick over. It’s no secret. Going to the media with things like that, I don’t think it’s very professional.”

The Cubs are calling up Triple-A catcher Victor Caratini to take Montero’s place, according to’s Buster Olney.

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