See Thor: Ragnarok’s Ultra-Detailed Collectibles Here

Thor: Ragnarok will be hitting theaters before we know it, and the film will introduce old friends and some new faces. The Sideshow Collectibles booth gave fans a closer look at the characters with a preview of the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok Hot Toys line.

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Revealed at Comic-Con were the newest additions to the Hot Toy Line, based on the likenesses of the heroes and villains in Ragnarok. There are two versions of Thor, one with him wrapped in chains–which we saw early on in the first trailer–and one from the scene where he is about to fight Hulk. Doctor Strange gets the Hot Toys treatment, as the character will also be featured in the third Thor film. In addition, Loki, Hela, and Valkyrie will be available as well.

However, the one figure that literally stood above the rest was Hulk, which towered over the other figures in the line. We caught a glimpse of this Gladiator Hulk during the first trailer for Ragnarok. The look of the character is based on the critically acclaimed comic Planet Hulk by writer Greg Pak and artists Carlo Pagulayan.

Hot Toys are highly-detailed figures that look incredibly realistic and use the actor’s likeness from the films they’re based on. Of course, with that much time and effort put into the craftsmanship of the toy, it comes at a high price. On average, each of the Hot Toys costs around $ 200.

Thor: Ragnarok will be released on November 3, and while these figures aren’t available for preorder yet, many more Hot Toys are available on the company’s website. Interested in seeing more? Check out the best products–including Hot Toys–from Sideshow’s booth at the con.

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