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This week, the guest curator for “The Big Idea” on the CNN MoneyStream app is Panos Panay.

Occupation: Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Devices

Best-known for: He designed the Surface, Microsoft’s super successful, trendsetting 2-in-1 tablet.

Panos Panay is to Microsoft what Jony Ive is to Apple.

Officially, Panay is Microsoft’s hardware chief, overseeing the Surface line of PCs, Xbox, HoloLens and accessories. But he’s better known as the design genius that helped Microsoft’s gadgets become the envy of the tech world.

Surface started off as a flop, forcing Microsoft to write off $ 1 billion in Surfaces it made but no one wanted. But under Panay’s leadership, Surface has undergone a remarkable turnaround. It’s now one of the few PC models that is actually growing sales. Its hybrid PC-tablet design has generated many copycats — even Apple has started to mimic some of Panay’s designs.

Panay likens the Surface tablets to his own children — a fact that he acknowledges irks his son and three daughters. Just like he wants everyone to love his children as much as he does, Panay says he wants every customer to get the same satisfaction out of Surface.

Here’s a sample of what Panos Panay is reading this week (to see more, add “The Big Idea” stream on the CNN MoneyStream app)

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