Nier Automata Lets Dedicated Players Buy Trophies With In-Game Currency

According to a post from Reddit user youkatei, Nier: Automata players can discover a secret shop that sells trophies.

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Now, these aren’t in-game trophies to adorn some sort of in-game home. No, these are PlayStation system-level trophies. The same ones you usually unlock by completing sections of gameplay, or obtuse challenges.

After beating the game three times, a secret shop can be accessed that sells trophies in exchange for in-game currency. Real-world money cannot be spent in this store, only currency earned within the game–the same currency used to purchase weapons and other items. This means players are sacrificing possible progression for the sake of skipping hard-to-unlock trophies. Having said that, the prices on the trophies don’t look unapproachably expensive, compared to the rate that currency is accrued in the game.

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The screenshot above shows the secret store menu, with a list of trophies on the left (listed as “Trophy-26, etc.). It appears the player has just purchased Trophy-30, corresponding to the PS4 trophy unlock notification in the top-left.

So what do you think, is three playthroughs enough for players to earn a shortcut to hard-to-get trophies? Let us know in the comments!

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