Donald Trump's 'Dr. Oz Show' appearance likely won't feature health reveal

Dr. Oz to analyze Trump medical exam on TV

Donald Trump is taping an appearance on “The Dr. Oz Show” Wednesday morning — a move straight out of his TV-based campaign playbook.

But if viewers are expecting a big reveal about Trump’s physical fitness, they are likely to be disappointed.

Contrary to a claim made on Fox News Tuesday, Oz will not be reviewing the results of Trump’s recent physical, campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks told CNNMoney Wednesday morning.

Instead, Trump will be talking with Oz about his physical activity, dietary habits, and broader health-related issues.

The plan also calls for Trump to discuss political topics that are of interest to the “Dr. Oz Show” audience, like efforts to fight the Zika virus and Trump’s new child care policies.

Trump’s daughter Ivanka, who joined him on the campaign trail Tuesday, will also join him for part of the “Dr. Oz Show” taping.

The appearance is partly a pitch to female voters. (Daytime TV shows like “Dr. Oz” skew female.)

The show is planning to release clips from the taping Wednesday afternoon. The episode will be broadcast on Thursday.

A spokeswoman for the show declined to provide any further details.

Earlier this week, Oz told Fox News host Brian Kilmeade that Oz would be reviewing the results of a physical Trump underwent last week.

“What if there’s some embarrassing things on there?” Kilmeade asked.

“Well, I bet you he won’t release them,” Oz said.

Kilmeade followed up: “Oh, it’s still going to be his decision?”

“It’s his decision,” Oz said.

But Kilmeade came away convinced that this would be a made-for-TV moment. On Tuesday’s “Fox & Friends,” Kilmeade said, “I know this, that Donald Trump will turn over those records right to Dr. Oz, who will analyze it, and to many it’ll be a surprise to Donald Trump what Dr. Oz is going to say.”

Hicks said Wednesday that handing over the physical results to Oz was “considered, given the timing and platform,” but the plan was “never finalized.”

Nonetheless, Trump’s daytime TV chat about health and wellness is a savvy political stunt. The New York Times called it a “match made on TV,” describing Oz as a “kindred spirit — a physician who is not only Republican, but also has spent the last decade attracting an enormous following on television.”

Trump, a former reality TV star, is at home in a setting like “The Dr. Oz Show.”

He was booked on the show more than a week ago, which means the plans pre-date Hillary Clinton’s recent health scare.

Clinton is taking several days off from campaigning as she recovers from a bout of pneumonia.

Trump has repeatedly called out Clinton’s “stamina” in recent months, alluding to long-held questions in conservative media circles about Clinton’s health.

But since she stumbled leaving a 9/11 commemoration ceremony on Sunday morning, Trump has been careful not to question Clinton’s health directly.

Oz told Kilmeade that he wanted to keep the TV segment focused on Trump and Trump’s policies — “we’re not going to be talking about Secretary Clinton, for sure,” he said.

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