Dark Souls Publisher Teasing New Project With “Prepare To Dine” Tagline

Bandai Namco, the publisher behind the Souls series and Tekken, is teasing a “new project.” The company released a trailer today to show off the game, though save for some interesting art, we have very few clues as to what the title might be. The video ends with the tagline “PrepareToDine,” which could be a reference to Dark Souls‘ oft-used “Prepare to die” slogan.

An official announcement is to follow on April 20, Bandai Namco said in a press release.

However, any potential link is unconfirmed, and it is unclear whether this teased game is to be a new entry in the Dark Souls series, a spinoff, or something else altogether.

The most recent Souls game was 2016’s Dark Souls III. In total, the series has included four games (in addition to a spiritual successor in Bloodborne), starting with 2009’s Demon’s Souls. Last year also saw a free-to-play endless runner spinoff, called Slashy Souls, released for mobile devices.

Dark Souls III’s final DLC chapter, The Ringed City, launched just last month. Our critic, Daniel Starkey, said it “ends a little too quickly … but that’s a small knock against what’s otherwise an exceptional send-off.” Read his thoughts in our full The Ringed City review.

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