Another Overwatch Character Heads to Heroes of the Storm

Along with a bunch of other Heroes of the Storm content announced today, Blizzard revealed that Overwatch‘s Zarya is on the way as a playable character.

Details are light at the moment, as we only have a video outlining her abilities to go on. Similar to Rexxar, she’s a ranged Warrior. She appears to play exactly like Overwatch fans would expect her to–she has all of the same abilities.

These include Particle Grenade (basically her Overwatch weapon’s secondary fire), Personal Barrier (a shield applied to her), and Shield Ally. For her Heroics, you can choose from Graviton Surge (which pulls nearby enemies into a designated spot, as in Overwatch) and Expulsion Zone (a zoning tool that knocks back enemies who enter a certain area).

She’ll be the second Overwatch character to get the HotS treatment following Tracer, who was added before Overwatch had actually been released.

In addition to Zarya’s abilities, the video above shows off some of her alternative skins, including her Master Skin and one called Thunder Guard Zarya that has some cool, themed abilities.

Additionally, the video showcases some other new skins and another new character, Alarak, who is coming as part of a big StarCraft-themed event.

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