12 Things We Want In Zelda Breath Of The Wild's DLC Pack 2

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is a modern classic. The first open-world entry in the Zelda franchise presents Hyrule in a way that makes the entire world feel vibrant and alive. And it’s also the first Zelda game to include DLC.

The first DLC pack introduced the challenging Trials of the Sword as well as a few key items that helped ease the strain of tedious tasks like finding treasure chests and Korok seeds. And the next DLC pack, called The Champions Ballad, will focus on a “new dungeon and a new original story.” But pack could introduce a few additional tweaks as well.

Just as DLC Pack 1 introduced new mechanics like a warp point that you can place anywhere in the world and a Hero’s Path option that lets you see almost every step you’ve taken, there are several quality of life improvements that could make Breath of the Wild’s next DLC pack (or a future free update to the game) even better. Here are 12 suggestions for what I’d like to see in The Champion’s Ballad.

There are light spoilers for the main game here, so proceed with caution if you haven’t already completed your own Hyrule adventure.

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